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Financial Insight, an on-line investment letter is a publication of Insight Financial Corporation, a member of The Heinze Group of Companies. A Canadian letter written in plain English for any investor

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IFC Market Outlook Market Outlooks (going back to December 1995)

January 2000 issue of Financial Insight A repost of our January 2000 issue, which included a very interesting review of the 1980's and 90's.

Dave's Rule Most of Dave's Rules are printed here.

Financial Insight Articles Most of our articles are printed here.

Your Questions Questions that we have been asked and our responses.

IFC Stockvaluator is our software for analyzing stocks. Go to our download page to get details and download a copy.

Dave's Insights dedicated to Dave's Insights into the world, politics and other stuff. Be forewarned, you may not like all his right wing economic and pro freedom insights.

IFC Mini Glossary Not sure what a word means, try our mini Glossary.

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IFC Investment Principles

The following are four basic principles that we believe to be the foundation of sound investing practice. By regularly referring to these principles we hope to avoid any major mistakes and ensure a satisfactory return on our long-term results. The four principles are:

1. Balance your investments according to your personal circumstances.
2. Always diversify your investments.
3. Invest in quality.
4. Invest regularly and gradually.

About the Author Of Financial Insight

Unless otherwise noted, all the above articles are written by Dave Heinze, B. Comm., CMA, CIM. Dave and his wife, Marian, founded the Heinze group of companies in 1985. Dave graduated from Saint Mary's University in 1978, with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree. In 1982 he became a Certified Management Accountant. In 1996, he completed the Canadian Investment Management Course of the Canadian Securities Institute and became a Canadian Investment Manager. While many portfolios are not really comparable to any real bench marks, Dave's personal portfolio is similar to a Canadian Equity mutual fund. He has maintained records since January 1998. As of December 31, 2015, based on the information provided by (Globe & Mail investor service) Dave's 10 and 15 year performance continues to put him in the top third or better of all mutual funds reported on and in the top third or better of the Canadian Equity groups.

Here is a chart in pdf format of the respective performance of $1,000 invested in Dave's portfolio verse the TSX and the DOW from January 1, 1998.

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