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Welcome to Insight Financial Corporation's Stockvaluator Download page. This software is the property of Insight Financial Corporation. You may download and use this software for free. If you like the software and continue to use it, we ask that you make a donation to a charity. You can donate to one of the charity's on our suggested charity list, (these are some of the charity's that we like and support) or to any charity that you like. Our suggested donation is an amount between $50 and $100 Canadian or U.S., but the amount and currency or format is up to you. When you make a donation we encourage you to print our reporting sheet and send us page one and include page 2 with your donation so that we know if donations are being made and the charity knows why they received the donation.

System Requirements: This Software is an excel add-on. More accurately, it is an Excel file that will require a fairly current version of Microsoft Excel. It has been developed over the years, most recent updates were done using Excel 2007, however, it has been saved in Excel 2003 format so it should run using Excel 2003 and we expect it will run using version 2000. While this is a relatively complex file with many interconnected sheets, it does not contain any macro's.

Security Issues

All the files should be free of viruses and other threats. However, to protect yourself, we recommend that you take the following steps when downloading any software from the Internet:

Stockvaluator by IFC is an Excel add on designed to help investors evaluate stocks of companies, and determine what is a reasonable price to pay for the shares.
1. It calculates several key ratios, for several years.
2. It shows the trend for those ratios.
3. It shows the trend for EPS, CF, Sales/Share & Share price.
4. It charts the items in 3 above.
5. It helps the user value the shares.
6. It shows several other key factors.

Notice: This program is designed to help you evaluate companies. The information it provides is a result of the information you input, some of which will be judgment calls. Therefore, users are cautioned that this is an aid only and it is only as good as the information entered. It is also noted that companies are influenced by a lot of things, many of which will not be reflected in the output. Users are advised to obtain professional help when making their investment decisions.

Before going any further, it might be a good idea to print this page for future reference.
If you are printing with a color printer, we recommend selecting the gray scale option to conserve color ink. If your print copies are light, try clicking the black text box in the Page Setup option under the File menu of your browser.

Click here to download Stockvaluator By IFC version 2d. The excel file. When you click on this you should be given an option to save the file, select where you would like to save the file and save it. This is a read only file to avoid accidental changes. Once downloaded, to use the file, simply save it under a new name. We open it and save it using the ticker symbol of the stock we plan to analysis, then we proceed.

From time to time we may put up new versions with improvements. The version number is at the end of the file name. You can check back here to determine if there is a new version and download the newer version when it becomes available. The file should open on the update page that will tell you what is new. While we would never discourage donations to charity, we are not requesting that you make a donation when you download an update if you have already made one.

The file is approximately 200K in size.

Click here to download The manual for Stockvaluator By IFC. in pdf format. You will probably be given an option to either open the file or save it. We recommend you save it.

The file is approximately 160K in size.

Click here to download the Donation form in pdf format. You will probably be given the option to either open or save this file. We recommend that you save it. Then, as we indicated above, if you like the software, we request that you make a donation to a charity. If you do, please complete this form and mail the first page to us and attach the second page to the donation.

The file is approximately 65K in size.

Some Suggested Charities

Momentum: Helping people help themselves. Dave has been volunteering at Momentum since the mid nineties.

Your local Humane society: Because we love our animals.

Any Alzheimers society.

Any Cancer Society.

Any Heart and Stroke society.

The Salvation Army.

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